Our mission is to offer modern beautiful homes which are both sustainable and affordable.
Modular Home Sustainability

Modly offers sustainable homes for a sustainable future. Being a part of the solution of climate change is the driving force behind why we created this company. The home construction industry can't continue to build with the same tools and materials that they have used for centuries. The world needs more housing and we need to eliminate carbon emissions - this is not an either/or choice.

Energy Efficiency

Traditional homes are simply inefficient and waste a lot of energy. Homes that use energy wisely and conserve it are more valuable as the cost of utilities continues to climb. The homes we offer utilize the latest technology in solar, back-up batteries, advanced HVAC and water filtration. The modular homes found on Modly utilize high-tech materials that are very energy efficient because of their high thermal resistance or R-Value.

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Superior Quality

Precision manufacturing is where every component fits together to make a near "perfect" product. Stick-built homes are structurally inferior because they are built onsite, where soil naturally settles. The high-performance materials used in modular homes are stronger and more resilient in comparison to traditional homes. We offer homes with wellness systems designed by DELOS, featuring a state-of-the-art computer system that improves indoor air quality, filters drinking, water and creates circadian lighting.

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Fast & Predictable

Off-site construction increases the speed of building a home 5X. That's because both the structures and site work are worked on simultaneously. The novel materials that modular manufacturers use replaces up to eight layers of traditional materials and associated trade coordination which is great since there is a massive shortage of skilled construction workers.

Building Site for Modular Home Community

More affordable

Building offsite is less expensive because there are virtually no bottlenecks and you can control the cost of materials because everything is pre-purchased in advance. Homes that are built in a factory reduce a developer’s finance costs because the whole process is that much faster.

Building Site for Modular Home Community

Zero Waste

3D printing, robotics and automation reduce construction waste by 95% and the CO2 emissions that come along with it. 30% of building materials end up in a landfill on a traditional construction site. Wasting the earth’s raw materials at the pace at which we do is simply unsustainable and turning a blind eye is no longer an option for the manufacturers we feature.

Building Site for Modular Home Community