Remote work has transformed Palm Springs living

Remote work has transformed Palm Springs living

The hustle and bustle of everyday living can weigh on the average person living day-to-day life, causing tiredness, burnout, and exhaustion. Until the beginning of 2020, remote work was merely a dream for many Americans. Thanks to a global pandemic, the dream of remote work became a reality for many Americans. While some Americans regarded their newly placed local stay-home ordinances as a blessing and a chance to catch up on tasks that had on their plates—such as finish sewing that dress; finish remodeling the kitchen; finally building that guest or ADU in the backyard for their mother-in-law; other Americans took the opportunity to escape to their second and vacation homes, so they could finally spend some time closer with their relatives, or enjoy their investments. Americans who once only spent their weekends in mountain, beach, and desert sanctuaries also sought to purchase a property to remain permanently in their ideal vacation destination.

Ben Jarso, a 31-year-old product manager for Facebook in Silicon Valley, was excited and motivated to marry his passions of skiing and working. When lockdown restrictions took place amid COVID-19, Jarso was able to work remotely, and so began seeking out homes in Lake Tahoe. After many declined offers due to many others with his same idea, Jarso finally purchased a $900,000 home with a large pine deck, two fireplaces, and views of Donner Lake((Dillon, L. (2021, April 30). The remote work revolution is transforming, and unsettling, resort areas like Lake Tahoe. The Los Angeles Times.)).

Like Lake Tahoe, Palm Springs real estate has increased by 30% in one year, making the average asking price of a home in the desert city $1 million. Palm Springs is filled with all the things one loves to do: hiking, biking, nightlife, casinos; once a property becomes available on the market it does not stay available for too long. Redfin recently found that the second home market across the country has quadrupled that of primary homes during the pandemic and that the average sales prices for resort and seasonal towns exceeded price hikes in other areas((Anderson, D. (2021, April 8). Work from (second) home: Demand for vacation homes continues to soar, even as offices show signs of life. Redfin News.)).

The Palm Springs appeal of more space both indoor and out motivated Catherine Joubert and her partner to leave Hollywood and buy a home in La Quinta. As devotees to the Coachella music festival, and owners of six parrots, the couple decided it was time to buy once their jobs went remote. The couple purchased a $330,000 three-bedroom home upgraded with a new pool and spa—enough space for an office and their parrots. In just less than a year of buying their home, the couple has met new neighbors from New York and the Bay Area and have had their home appraised for $100,000 more than the purchase price.

Now is the perfect opportunity to buy a second or new permanent home in our 3D printed communities coming soon in the Palm Springs area. Remote work has made sustainable living a reality, due to not having to commute, using less energy, and overall contributing to fewer carbon emissions. Our communities will be developed using sustainable materials, processes, and energy-efficient equipment.

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Remote work has transformed Palm Springs living
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